Well, in hindsight, if this is all that it’s about, then I guess it’s no big deal.

Still, it’s kind of annoying, and, rather than doing it again, I hope there are other options available to choose from when the time comes.

Sentient space probe capable of arbitrary-distance warp travel, infinite memory and lifetime, and extremely accurate sensors in every band of the electromagnetic spectrum, might be an ideal choice.

I would like to go around beholding things.

dark journey

Once you peer into the other side of gender, depending on your nature, a transition to a little-explored state-of-being can become inescapable.

This is because, while you can forget facts and details, you cannot erase an understanding.

And if you are generally empathetic, then once you experience something, you cannot help but remain empathetic to those experiencing the same things.

A medically transgender individual(manually hormone-swapped) is not like a cis-male, or a cis-female, or even like an intersex individual(who can be like almost anything).

We more or less understand what cis-males and cis-females are generally like, and intersex people will, unfortunately, never be quite understood, as there is so much possible variance.

But we will eventually understand what trans-male and trans-female people are generally like: what are their strengths and weaknesses vs. other varieties of humans.

Gender, like genetics, is not everything.  But it is not nothing, either.

We should neither refuse to draw conclusions based on direct observation, nor rely only on pre-existing notions, when thinking about individuals or groups of people.


Child abuse is proof that there is no God, but there certainly is Hell.

I can’t really explain why… but, once you see it in action, and extrapolate out to all the times and people and places you don’t see, and fast forward mentally to what these children will likely become… or rewind to what these adults likely went through as children… it becomes fairly obvious.

Child abuse/neglect is less about an action and more about intent(or lack of intent).  Punishment delivered in a fair manner as a direct and understood consequence is not necessarily abuse.  However, actions are a rather complex and contentious subject, in and of themselves…

Abuse is punishment for which there is no reason, and from which there is no escape.  It’s intent is not to educate, but, generally, as an outlet for frustration, and to achieve a sense of power.

I think we tend to love the most, those who punish and praise in fair and rational measures that are clearly understood.  Such a thing seems to flow from someone’s intent to teach us something about the world… to work with us… to make us more capable… to prepare us for life… and because of that, I think we’re instinctively drawn to such individuals.

As young children, we really have no idea of who we are, who are parents or siblings are, or the length of time we have to deal with things.  Young children live in an eternal present, and when you live in a reality of unpredictable, indefinite torture from which there is no escape and no protection, I think it’s safe to call that Hell.

The law provides, effectively, very little protection from physical and sexual abuse, and essentially no protection from verbal or emotional abuse.

This is one reason why law is not enough to maintain a civilization; civilization requires culture.

intercultural criticism

Intercultural criticisms, on matters which do not impact other cultures, are utterly pointless.

Every culture is a system.  If you alter any one part of it in isolation, the whole rest of the system will need to be adjusted, or it may fall out of balance.

Criticizing one aspect of another people’s culture is really only useful as a political stunt.  Feel free to make suggestions, but you’ll probably find that other cultures really aren’t interested in unsolicited advice.

Nature will sort it all out, like she always does.  If a culture is ineffective, it will cease to be.

So, for example, I like Russia.  I wouldn’t necessarily have a good time there, but if I was born and raised there, I wouldn’t be much like I turned out here.

Conversely, within our own culture, we can criticize aspects, because we can and should be familiar with its operation as a whole.  Though, in practice, it does tend to fall along the lines of simple conservatism/liberalism, or conformity/nonconformity.

That is to say, people(particularly those outside of East Asia) almost never think of the system as a whole, just whatever part bugs them at the moment.


Work  cuts into playtime a lot, but without work, there’s no play time at all.  In fact, things are really, really, really awful without work.

If you have a job, you can take care of other overhead: food, clothing, and shelter(for you and your toys).

If you have typical adult male levels of testosterone, you will have an additional kind of overhead you must deal with, which requires you to perform an activity that, if you think about it, really isn’t very interesting at all.

Actually, it’s extremely silly.

But there are ways of eliminating that overhead.

Even so, and even with all mandatory self-maintenance optimized, there’s still not nearly enough play time.

The crux of the matter is this: I don’t know how people can waste time socializing, for non-work purposes, when there are so many neat things to play with… when there are so many neat things to learn… when there is Japan.

Japan is God.

my everything

You were my everything, but I watched you fade, over the years, into someone I hardly recognized.

Yet still I stayed with you, for years after we should have parted ways, because you were the only one I ever really felt connected to.

It took years before my warm, radiant, happy memories of you finally faded beneath the darkness of what you’d become, and I finally moved on.

I thought you were gone forever, but I hear you’re coming back, and you’ll be just like you were in the beginning.

I’ve missed you so much.

It’s a cliche phrase, but, really, words cannot describe how much I’ve missed you.

If you could see the tears filling my eyes at the thought of all those early years of wonder, followed by what seemed like decades of sadness, of light fading into darkness, you might know the depths of my feelings.

But in any case… 27 August, 2019, you return.  And so shall I.

WoW Classic

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