Assemblage 23

I’ve been obsessed with the music of Assemblage 23 for years now. It is far and away my favorite, and have purchased all the major releases.

I love them all, but if I could only listen to one, it would probably be Compass.

The deluxe editions of Compass and Bruise feature many remixes of A23 tracks, but they just don’t work for me. Perhaps if Assemblage 23 tracks were simpler, something could be added to them. But every A23 track is sleek, refined, intricate, beautiful perfection. Someone other than Tom Shear remixing an A23 track is like welding extra body panels onto a Ferrari.

Though I will admit I could have done without “The Last Mistake”; it’s just a little too lyrically disturbing.

I was just listening to “Greed” on Compass; the part at the end is so beautiful it makes me cry. That… doesn’t happen very often.

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