still love my CR-Z


I regularly go to a particular grocery store, and the checkers do a strange thing in the mornings, when there aren’t many customers yet.

After they ring up someone’s order, they immediately switch to an adjacent checkstand, to ring up the next person’s order.  They’re constantly shifting registers.

I finally asked why, and the manager wants them to do it.  Because otherwise, if everyone just checks out at the one counter, the software used to analyze checkouts will make it appear that customers were piling up at one checkstand.  So instead, customers are constantly and confusingly redirected, and hours are wasted logging into and out of cash registers.

Numbers are not the full story.  A naive interpretation of stats is the hobgoblin of simple minds.

In every posted article with responses, there’s the usual litany of charges brought against the CR-Z:

  • It’s not a CR-X.  No, it isn’t.  If it was, they would have called it a CR-X, and not a CR-Z.  Is anyone mad at the CR-V for not being a CR-X?
  • It’s not extreme.  No it isn’t.  It’s a compromise.  In some cultures, balance and compromise are considered positive things.
  • It’s a hybrid, so it’s crap.  If you believe this, there’s really no point arguing, because clearly you’re not influenced by reason, knowledge, or logic.

The response from the rare CR-Z owner?

“Test drive one.”

Because this car is about the most fun you could possibly have, driving a refined, sub $25k car that easily gets 40+ MPG(even with how I drive).

So, yeah, keep on bashing it.  Keep on looking down your noses at the numbers, that tell all of the facts and none of the reality.

It’ll just make us CR-Z owners feel more special, driving an awesome little car that only we seem to be able to comprehend how awesome it is 🙂

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