Cultural Locus of Feeling

If I have a feeling, is it relevant information?

If you have a feeling that I perceive, is that my feeling, or yours?  Do your feelings map into my own feelings, and if so, what is the mapping?

It seems in psychology, the only really useful thing to do is ask questions, because anything you can possibly state is so fraught with preconditions and uncertainty, it feels egotistical to even try.

Perhaps its also the case that wanting to understand things can, in certain circumstances, become a prime motivation, and not simply a tool for other goals.

We realize, over and over, that things are not as simple as we once believed, but still we burn with desire to understand.  Not to know everything, but to at least know the heart of everything.  Within a given system, what are the axioms?  What are the essential elements from which all other things are formed?

Of civilization, perhaps the most unsettling thing of all is how uncontrolled and unpremeditated it is.  Because at the heart of any civilization, no matter how complex, lies the first relationship a human has.  This relationship is almost never managed with the long-term prospects of civilization in mind.  When it does align, it is wonderful, but also circumstantial.

Would that this alignment could be deliberate?  If we were intensely conditioned, consistently, and at the right moments, through pain, and through pleasure, and through whatever mechanisms, name-able and otherwise, we begin with, and we develop over time?

What a brilliant machine we could become…


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