strange transformation

One theme I tend to repeat:

There are no problems in the universe.  Nature has no conception of such a thing.

Problems are a matter of human perception, and as such, you can solve them either directly, or by changing your perception that they are a problem.

My transformation began in a rather naive fashion, and a few of the original goals succeeded.  But also, my perception changed entirely.  My mind is a bit more adaptable than most, it seems, when it comes to personality, so perhaps this is not a common outcome for the things I’ve undertaken.

In that change of perception, I saw into an entirely new world.  And if your prime mover is curiosity like me, you’ll realize that’s something you could never turn back from… like suddenly seeing in a normally invisible wavelength, or going from one eyes to two…

Of course, I also became even stranger than before, which poses many practical problems.

But the really painful problems went away, because my perception of them as such went away.

I am immersed in strangeness.  I radiate it.  I live to trip and fall down every rabbit hole I can find, and every time, I emerge a bit stranger.

It’s not a bad way to pass the time.  Difficult, yes, in a practical sense… very very difficult to keep yourself provisioned and safe, living in such a fashion.  Recently, only luck saved me from a fate worse than death.   But still… very, very interesting.

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