human evolution

Arranged marriages are probably far more ideal for civilization-era human evolution than otherwise.

Consider that, at our best age for reproduction, we have a very poor understanding of the world in general, and default to instinct.

In admittedly broad brushstrokes, women prefer bolder and more assertive mates, where men just want something pretty and cute.   One can easily imagine what lies down that evolutionary path by thinking about what it leaves out.

By forcing mate selection to a broader context of success(a family successful in an economic, military, technical, or some other civilization-related context), we broaden the traits selected for.

It is probably also the case that humans are more content when given fewer options, and are more willing to make a situation work when they have a very strong impetus to avoid giving up on it.

More tentatively, I kind of suspect humans more optimized for advanced civilization are actually less adept at inter-gender relationships.  Civilized life requires analytical thought, but it’s so far beyond the norm for someone to understand the gender perspective divide, that someone who simply accepts things at face value is better suited for such a relationship.

For example, “This seems to make this person mad.  I don’t know why, but, whatever, I won’t do it.”  Vs. “This makes this person mad.  I don’t understand why, and therefore, I find their behavior irritating, and refuse to change my behavior, because they are the ones being irrational.”

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