logically fair

Particularly in a privately held startup with the original founders, all things stem from the founders.

A million decisions made with a million conflicting insights resulted in the present state of things.  Few can get very far.

Respect those that can.  Respect those that can even make a good effort.

Without them, I would have no money.  They do not take spending money lightly, or they would not exist.  They implicitly trust me.  I therefore implicitly must trust their higher-order preferences.  Those preferences take precedence over all.

I exist within a local system, however.  I push the boundaries of that system in the direction I believe the origin(the founders) would like to go.  But I cannot push it so far that the overall system degrades, because that would be detrimental to the overall mission.

No one really has very much power.  Even a CEO of a private company must live within the confines of the human systems they generate(not to mention the board of directors).  These systems have strengths and weaknesses, visible and invisible, that change over time, and can be evolved, subject to certain rate limits, and are subject to opportunity.

My limits are all too apparent to me lately, but still, I push.  I am a knight(or mercenary, perhaps), and I have a king, and generals, and they give me the means to a comfortable life, and so I fight on their behalf… to strive to give back what i receive, is logically fair.  Is honorable.

Victory can always be taken from you, but honor is yours forever, if you choose; a glowing little ember, of your ideals… of your creator… of all that is sacred, and most of all, all that is pure, keeping your ragged soul warm through the coldest of nights.

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