Unexpected Consequences

“Would you leave your child alone with your pit bull?”

In addition to being the verbal equivalent of an incendiary grenade, such a question is a great starting point for exploring a whole host of problems stemming from living in a society that is willfully and proudly ignorant.

It turns out that, in this day and age, they’re probably better off with a mild-mannered pitbull they’ve grown up with, than cute, but increasingly-sketchy retrievers.  Things were better when wealthy individuals made a hobby of perfecting dog breeds for various purposes.

Tame creatures are kind of messed up to begin with, for reasons too complex to go into here.

This, however, begs the question: “Why are we leaving small children alone with animals?”

I used to watch Animal Planet a lot, and you’d often see the only child, or the distantly youngest child in a family,  lounging about with the family dog.  Their companion since they were born.  Maybe their only companion.  Maybe the only thing that touches them, or interacts with them.

And I smiled, because I love strange things.  And if there’s anything stranger than animals who’ve imprinted on humans, it’s humans imprinted on animals:


Of all creatures wild and wonderful, it’s intelligent furries that I love the most.

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