the apple and the cookie

You walk into room with a table.  On that table, on a silver plate set out for you, are a cookie and an apple.

You will probably eat the cookie first.

The cookie is far easier to eat, and sweeter.

In fact, if you walk into the room and there’s only an apple, you may not bother eating it at all, unless you are particularly hungry.

As long as there are cookies around, Apples don’t seem so great.

But there’s something important lurking here: cookies don’t make you any happier.  If anything, in the long run, they cause problems vs. apples.  Despite knowing this, you’ll preferentially eat them, anyways.

If cookies disappeared from the face of the earth, it really wouldn’t affect your long term happiness.

Now… suppose you walk into a room, and on the table is an interesting book… and a game console…

Technology is a jealous god.  An invisible force that controls our lives.  A global tyrant.

Technology destroys our societies from within.  Yet, without it, we are weak and defenseless, and would be destroyed from the outside.

If you are interested in the long-term outcome of a society, that is the situation you must face.

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