My favorite game lately is “Spintires: Mudrunner.”

No time limits, no competitors.  Just a bunch of really cool trucks, mostly Russian military tractors, with the goal of moving logs from somewhere to somewhere else.

It’s the first time I’ve played a game where the physics engine really made the game.  It helps that it’s almost always overcast in the game world, often dark, deep in muddy forests.  I don’t like direct sunlight, even in games.

My anime is 100% escapist.

I have a lot of worries, lately.  I really like open space.  This place has been slowly driving me insane.  I pace a lot in my apartment.  I have felt trapped since I got here, with frustrated, and angry humanity impinging upon me from all directions.

In order to take a vacation to try to relieve some stress, I booked air travel, before I heard about the government shutdown.  So now even my vacation plans are just more stress.  Will ATC still be alive then?  How much pizza can Canada spare?

I’ve fought myself constantly to keep me here.  I’m not a city girl.  In fact, I’m only slightly non-feral.

Leaving would bring an end to one kind of stress, and the resumption of another.  But that’s how it goes.  It just depends on what kind of stress you prefer.

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