please let the devs in

H1-B system is all rogered up.  Silicon Valley is imploding.

Local companies are trying crazy things, like offices in the mid-west.

Because they can’t outspend Google on hiring, and leased office space here is so expensive, we’re sitting on each other’s laps.

In a way though, that’s how America works.  That’s how America stays in business: by mindlessly creating disaster after disaster, we continuously generate economic activity.  We have enough space to write off entire cities due to planning mistakes, and everyone who can move, just goes somewhere else.

The poor people stay until the place becomes enough of a gang-infested hell-hole that it becomes trendy to move back in.  Then they have to move somewhere else, because they can’t afford the rent any more.

But… seriously though, please let the people in that want to program.

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