the future

It’s really deeply unclear to me how the model we’ve been living in since the industrial revolution will work now.

If I were to recommend a strategy for the nations of the world, it would be to continue to preserve international strength, but to de-tune the domestic economy in ways that make the entire course of life more human.

While humans are remarkably adaptable, I think adapting to a world where nothing needs to be done is a bit of a stretch.

I would heavily pursue de-centralization of all matter of production to keep people involved and busy.  It seems this is somewhat the case already, as YouTube follower count seems to be emerging as a fundamental social status symbol.

Perhaps the cultures that will thrive in this century, are ones that understand how to mitigate the corrosive impact of Internet culture, and how to impose an alternative rule-set, to keep people functional, and buy us time to evolve our cultures and ourselves, to handle this new reality.

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