The Nintendo Generation

The mid-1970’s have proven to be quite an interesting moment to be born.

I grew up with books and computers, but without Internet, and certainly without mobile.  Yet I landed in college precisely as the commercial Internet was being born.

I think my generation, being quite narrowly defined within perhaps 3 to 4 years of my birth(due to rapid technological change), has, in recent years, often wondered where it belongs.

Being highly technically competent in computer and Internet technology, steeped in the fantasy worlds written in long novels, but lacking the connection with either the preceding non-digital culture, or the following Internet or mobile cultures.

Particularly the nerds among us are truly, as proclaimed by one of the drill sergeants who greeted my flight in 1994, “The Nintendo Generation.”  (In reference to the first generation NES).

Probably the most isolated generation in the history of globalized humanity, and probably the most isolated that will ever be.

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