I dress strange, and my overall appearance is certainly peculiar.

But it’s not exactly that I don’t care; I would certainly like an aesthetically-pleasing,  confidence-inspiring appearance, that would put the hearts and minds of those around me(during those unfortunate moments I have no choice but to subject them to me) at ease.

Though I’d prefer to simply be invisible.

However, my time is already heavily over-committed with other things either more important to me, or more interesting.  So I dress for maximal functionality and minimal upkeep.

I have to work as a programmer.  It really doesn’t matter what I look like for that, as long as I’m not either an HR or a safety hazard.  That takes a lot of time and focus.

I am also slowly learning Japanese.  That takes a huge amount of time, and I enjoy it quite a bit more than trying to maintain a wardrobe.

I am also maintaining and adding various computer-related skills that are not even in the same category as what I program for work, so that takes additional time and attention.

So I am a little embarrassing to myself.  But once I’ve crossed over into “extremely embarrassed”, I dissociate and feel no anxiety whatsoever, so it’s actually more comfortable to be really weird than a little weird.

So, I go for it.

Apologies, in advance…

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