casual conversation

I have a test for you!

I will start with a statement, which you must come up with an appropriate response for in less than a second, otherwise you fail.

The statement will not lend itself to any particular response, and may or may not be a question.  If the statement is a question, there’s only a slim chance that the correct response is to actually answer the question.

For any statement I give you, there’s a particular set of acceptable responses, but you don’t know what they are.    If you choose outside of that set of responses, you fail.

Should you answer correctly, I’ll give you another statement, and you must again respond correctly, within the 1 second time limit, or you fail.

The test ends once you fail.  You can’t pass, because I’ll keep giving you questions until you fail.

If anything, you’ll lose more points the further you get before you fail, because, if you answered all the preceding questions correctly, then failing a statement further on means you deliberately chose to be obstreperous, and are not merely incompetent(the only two possibilities).

Really, the best outcome for you is to pretend you didn’t hear my statement, in which case you may escape a bad grade on a technicality, though, the incident will probably come back to haunt you, anyways.

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