social vs. actual reality

Actual reality is always there, if you think for yourself.

Social reality tends to veer off in a predictable vector from actual reality, within a given social space.

Only nature forces corrections.  Capitalism has been so effective not because it’s so wonderful at managing production, but because it’s very good at continuously allowing nature to correct the system, though it still lags at times.

Social reality tends to stagnate, and entrench itself in predictable patterns, while actual reality tracks about in a smooth fashion.

This is not to say that social reality is irrelevant; it is merely one aspect of the overall framework of human life.  Much like a heat engine derives work from a thermal gradient, one can derive many things by interposing one’s machinations between social and actual reality.

Or, having abandoned personal ambition, and being weak and vulnerable in social situations, it is simply necessary to know where the herd is going before it decides to go there, lest one be trampled, without the slightest care or concern, beneath its weighty hooves.

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