do anything

The old exercise in determining what you really want to do is, “If you could do anything, what would you do?”

That has never worked too well for me, but with one proviso, it seems to work better:

“If you died and remained as an immortal ghost, which could still touch things and be touched if you desire, then what would you do?”

Particularly as the awareness of the limitations of our lifespan begins to intrude on our consciousness… and as we come to realize how long our previous endeavors actually took to come into fruition, we begin to discard things that take too long.

But time really isn’t that precious.  It can’t be.

How can we worry about what comes after death, while remaining unconcerned about what things were like before conception?

Other than work, nothing needs to get done.  None of this will remain.  Everything is temporary, and everyone and everything is always changing.

Living is okay while it’s okay, and the desire to start fresh is balanced by the enjoyment and peace that comes with our hard-won understanding of life.

There is plenty of time, in the calm waters out past the tumultuous breaking waves of youth.

Probably best to do lots of things, and not think too much about life itself.  Life will take care of wrapping things up, all by itself.

In the meantime… just keep playing…

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