my everything

You were my everything, but I watched you fade, over the years, into someone I hardly recognized.

Yet still I stayed with you, for years after we should have parted ways, because you were the only one I ever really felt connected to.

It took years before my warm, radiant, happy memories of you finally faded beneath the darkness of what you’d become, and I finally moved on.

I thought you were gone forever, but I hear you’re coming back, and you’ll be just like you were in the beginning.

I’ve missed you so much.

It’s a cliche phrase, but, really, words cannot describe how much I’ve missed you.

If you could see the tears filling my eyes at the thought of all those early years of wonder, followed by what seemed like decades of sadness, of light fading into darkness, you might know the depths of my feelings.

But in any case… 27 August, 2019, you return.  And so shall I.

WoW Classic

(For The Horde)

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