Work  cuts into playtime a lot, but without work, there’s no play time at all.  In fact, things are really, really, really awful without work.

If you have a job, you can take care of other overhead: food, clothing, and shelter(for you and your toys).

If you have typical adult male levels of testosterone, you will have an additional kind of overhead you must deal with, which requires you to perform an activity that, if you think about it, really isn’t very interesting at all.

Actually, it’s extremely silly.

But there are ways of eliminating that overhead.

Even so, and even with all mandatory self-maintenance optimized, there’s still not nearly enough play time.

The crux of the matter is this: I don’t know how people can waste time socializing, for non-work purposes, when there are so many neat things to play with… when there are so many neat things to learn… when there is Japan.

Japan is God.

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