intercultural criticism

Intercultural criticisms, on matters which do not impact other cultures, are utterly pointless.

Every culture is a system.  If you alter any one part of it in isolation, the whole rest of the system will need to be adjusted, or it may fall out of balance.

Criticizing one aspect of another people’s culture is really only useful as a political stunt.  Feel free to make suggestions, but you’ll probably find that other cultures really aren’t interested in unsolicited advice.

Nature will sort it all out, like she always does.  If a culture is ineffective, it will cease to be.

So, for example, I like Russia.  I wouldn’t necessarily have a good time there, but if I was born and raised there, I wouldn’t be much like I turned out here.

Conversely, within our own culture, we can criticize aspects, because we can and should be familiar with its operation as a whole.  Though, in practice, it does tend to fall along the lines of simple conservatism/liberalism, or conformity/nonconformity.

That is to say, people(particularly those outside of East Asia) almost never think of the system as a whole, just whatever part bugs them at the moment.

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