Child abuse is proof that there is no God, but there certainly is Hell.

I can’t really explain why… but, once you see it in action, and extrapolate out to all the times and people and places you don’t see, and fast forward mentally to what these children will likely become… or rewind to what these adults likely went through as children… it becomes fairly obvious.

Child abuse/neglect is less about an action and more about intent(or lack of intent).  Punishment delivered in a fair manner as a direct and understood consequence is not necessarily abuse.  However, actions are a rather complex and contentious subject, in and of themselves…

Abuse is punishment for which there is no reason, and from which there is no escape.  It’s intent is not to educate, but, generally, as an outlet for frustration, and to achieve a sense of power.

I think we tend to love the most, those who punish and praise in fair and rational measures that are clearly understood.  Such a thing seems to flow from someone’s intent to teach us something about the world… to work with us… to make us more capable… to prepare us for life… and because of that, I think we’re instinctively drawn to such individuals.

As young children, we really have no idea of who we are, who are parents or siblings are, or the length of time we have to deal with things.  Young children live in an eternal present, and when you live in a reality of unpredictable, indefinite torture from which there is no escape and no protection, I think it’s safe to call that Hell.

The law provides, effectively, very little protection from physical and sexual abuse, and essentially no protection from verbal or emotional abuse.

This is one reason why law is not enough to maintain a civilization; civilization requires culture.

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