the flow

I’ve often wondered how people can live a normal life, working at the same place for many years, living in the same place their whole lives…

I suspect little things are exciting to them, like a new coffee machine in the break room, or gossip, or Instagram, or whatever, and that’s enough to keep them enthused.

They are probably also stimulated by their friends and family and such, and likely emotionally attached to them, as well, so they don’t want to leave them all.

I feel like different places in the US all have their own culture, and a culture is a system, and it’s hard to really understand a system without being in it.

Really, there’s no point to understanding and learning about 99% of what I’m interested in, and I seem to not be interested in about half of what I should be learning about.

Probably a good 20% of what I know, I wish I did not.

Still, figuring things out is what I do.  Learning, is what I do.

I’m a child, after all, and I would not want to live any other way.

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