I’ve been reading about various African nations lately.

As is perhaps stereotypical, it makes me wonder why I was born here, and others were born in places like the DRC, and of course, this leads to ruminations about what could make life less hellish in such places.

I suspect the developed nations haven’t been able to achieve much in terms of helping the region because it requires one to be both caring, and coldly calculating.

While it really does seem the case that nations can only really fix themselves, I also have to wonder if the present world economic environment, for which developed nations are indirectly responsible for, does not actually prevent the emergence of civil society in underdeveloped parts of Africa.

People are very much a raw material.  With active intervention, they can change rapidly in only a few generations, for better or for worse.

Something worth thinking about is: is there a way to make a buck more efficiently than existing resource exploitation in the darker parts of Africa, in such a way as to make life there gradually and sustainably less hellish?

Because simply lobbing aid is not any better than feeding geese by the river.  If you actually want to help people who lack civil society, you must start by engineering one, and that seems like it would require lots and lots of time and money.

Because nature alone might not be able to fix a problem not of natural origins.

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