Without active intervention, the employees who care about your organization will get mauled by the ones that don’t.

Good jobs require thought.  If you are thinking about how to improve things, and keep things going well, you incur the opportunity cost of not thinking about, positioning for,  and defending yourself from political machinations that add no value to the organization.

It’s incredibly easy in thought-work to do enough to not get fired.  This leaves schemers plenty of free time to do what they do best, which is to scheme.  That is their nature.  We all want to do what we do best; that gives us the best reward on our time.

So it is not so much that I am condemning them as such, only pointing out that they do not benefit an organization unless their external scheming provides a greater return than the internal scheming they do.  They should thus be kept very busy at external scheming, if that is part of your business model, which I don’t recommend or endorse.

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