null wisdom

Not everyone, smart or dull, reaches the particular guide-post of enlightenment whereupon one deeply, and wholeheartedly, embraces the realization that they don’t know anything.

In the meantime, they make lots and lots of horrible mistakes and judgments that they will likely later regret.

This awareness I speak of, would not necessarily have prevented mistakes, but it would certainly have encouraged a greater degree of caution, exploration of backup plans, listening to others more, and so forth.

I feel fortunate that my most egregious errors impacted mostly just me, though there was certainly some significant collateral damage.  I would hate to have been in a position of leadership back then(not that I’m crazy about the notion now).

But I assume I’m becoming wiser, because the absolute magnitude of my idiotic failures seems to be diminishing over time.

Yet, perhaps this is a local minimum.  Or maybe my failure analysis is flawed.

You never know…


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