order and reliability

In the schools, and in the workplace, if you do not impose an order, people will spontaneously do it themselves, along rather atavistic lines.

In the short term, this certainly benefits the loud, the strong, the pretty, and the bold.

In the long term… well, the fortunes of nations do not depend on brawn, or beauty.

The global economy is changing in ways we’ve yet to even conceptualize, but a few things are probably reliable for the foreseeable future.

While people are increasingly satisfied with mediocre goods and services, there are some things which absolutely must be engineered properly, such as medical equipment, and aircraft.

Looking out into the world, at the companies and nations that are now known for their ability to deliver reliability, and realizing that reliability can only be the product of a particular kind of society, which itself, can only be the product of a particular way of thinking and feeling…

The highest and most critical works of technology can only be accomplished by the most disciplined and ordered societies.

Unfortunately for all of mankind, they tend to not be the most fecund, but… well, hopefully we will come up with a long-term solution for that at some point as well.  I’m guessing robots and AI will somehow be heavily involved in that solution.

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