carts and horses

It is economically efficient to force society to adapt to the economy.  The question is, how far can you bend society before it breaks down, and economic efficiency becomes a moot point?

The main counterpoint is, how far can you compromise the efficiency of your nation’s economy for the well-being of your society, before inefficiencies begin to hurt your global influence and power?

“Global” is the problem concept here, and it’s the thorn in the side of every nation that seeks to maintain a healthy society.

Taking the hypothetical case of an isolated nation, which does not depend on trade or defense, and the problems of economic inefficiency largely go away,  if society is healthy(people cooperate with and mostly like each other, and have cohesive, contented life paths that the vast majority of people can enjoy).

Keeping society healthy in rapidly changing times is a monumental task in and of itself, and requires, in human planners, a way of thinking that is both caring and ruthless.

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