Increasing automation poses various problems to a capitalist economy, but is not really much of a problem for a communist economy.

For capitalists, factory automation increases profits, but, at some point, if there are no jobs, no one can pay for goods made at automated factories, or services provided by computers.  No matter how much productive capital one has, it cannot produce anything for profit.

In a communist world, however, one simply distributes the factory outputs.  There is no problem whatsoever.

The people can work on higher level pursuits, or watch movies, or whatever.

While 20th century technological progress seemed quite suited for capitalism, perhaps we will find that the 21st century is much better suited to communism.

No wars, or subterfuge, or propaganda are really necessary at all for communism to defeat capitalism.

Communism merely had to wait a while, and, perhaps, have time to grow and develop in the culture best suited for it.

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