the journey

  1. Blind acceptance: As young children, we adopt the beliefs of those around us without thinking.
  2. Cynicism: As young adults, we start to question things.  We find flaws in existing structures and institutions, and quite often give ourselves way too much credit for doing so.
  3. Synthesis: We try to create things; relationships, organizations, systems, and realize it’s actually incredibly difficult.  We begin to understand that achieving anything of significant complexity takes a sizable chunk of our lives to accomplish, if we succeed at all.
  4. Re-evaluation: We see the merits of things we criticized early on in life, having come to appreciate the value of anything working at all.  We realize that every system has strengths and weaknesses, and to remove any particular weakness most likely results in either removing a strength, creating another weakness, or altering the overall system in ways we probably don’t understand.
  5. Sustain.  No amount of beating yourself in the head with your own failure to understand things is ever enough.  As we get older, we tend to think in self-reinforcing circles, which, in some way, is a waste of all the wisdom we’ve accrued thus far.

Never stop fighting your animal weakness; never settle for what you are.  Never stop questioning what you believe, and what you feel.

Never slow down, and never look back.

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