rules of life

The top two rules for me, that I wish I had learned earlier:

  1. Attitude is Everything.  I can’t express how all encompassing this is.  We tend to think excessively scientifically about all things, but we are mortal, sentient beings.  In order to get through life in a less painful fashion, one must adapt one’s attitude to one’s situation.  Your morals will tell you your desired end result, and your situation dictates how you may get closer to that end.  Do not fight for no reason.  Do not waste time or energy on pointless, emotionally-driven battles.
  2. Change is unending.  You can live comfortably without changing, but you may hit a dead end from which there is no escape.  Life is actually full of these dead ends; there’s nothing written in the rules of life that says that any given situation can be recovered from.  Look far into the future, and keep moving, keep changing, as uncomfortable as it is, and avoid the dead ends.

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