One difference between American and Japanese education is that, if you get a piece of information from your teacher in Japan, it is always critically important, and it will not be repeated.

All of it.  Seemingly unrelated things written on the back of other things are critically important.  There will be no reminders.

In America, there’s a huge volume of stuff that is sent that neither the sender nor the recipient really care about, so you learn to filter it.  You expect important things to be covered in blazing yellow and red, with “important!” plastered all over it, and you apply varying levels of attention to the rest.

I think here, it’s kind of an insult to remind someone of something, as it implies the recipient is not responsible enough to follow through on information, or that the sender doesn’t trust, or does not respect the recipient’s ability to schedule/remember things.

And, they just don’t want to bother you.

In America, people are used to treating each other like idiots, and have no qualms about disturbing one another, so communication is more of a fire hydrant that you sort of have to filter.

Anyways, 気をつけてね。 Buy a calendar book(lots of stationery stores here).  Use software with Gantt charting ability.  Absolutely do not put off examining every piece of paper, front and back, that you receive, until you have accounted for when its relevant/due.

I’ve been a little sloppy this term; I’ll do better next term.

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