the thin blue line

I would like everyone to contemplate how difficult it is to subdue an individual who may or may not be armed, who may or may not suddenly attack you, and who may or may not be a better fighter than you are, reliably, without getting killed, on a daily basis.

When you factor in the fact that people seem to hate you, except when you are risking your life to save theirs, you kind of have to wonder who would want the job.  Crazy people?

Well, to some degree, maybe so…

Maybe some people become police because they enjoy wielding power.  Considering how dangerous, underpaid, and thankless of a job it is, if I were recruiting for it, I wouldn’t dismiss someone like that out of hand, as long as they roughly followed the rules.

A police force does not exist in a vacuum; it occupies a particular slot in society, and it is shaped by the people who must be policed.

If you don’t like the form of the police force, you must first consider the conditions in which it must operate, and the people available to operate it, and then come up with a logical counter-proposal.

You must understand the psychological environment that police must operate in, understand that they are human, and understand the effects of adrenaline and testosterone on the average human in a fight-or-flight situation.

You must understand that the feelings you express towards the police directly affect who joins the force, and who quits the force.

Police are drawn from, and can only be drawn from, the society they protect.  They are human, and these humans are all you can chose from.

My best guess is that great disparities will arise in law enforcement, with wealthy areas protected by private, and/or well-funded and politically-protected police forces, while poor areas will have no law enforcement to speak of.

Presently, jurisdictions in cities generally cover both rich and poor areas, and I don’t think that’s economically sustainable.

Given economic trends in America, in any case, simply entombing the large numbers of economically non-viable individuals in cordoned-off lawless zones may in fact be the easiest way to proceed.

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