America really is all about freedom

America is fading, and sinking somewhat into chaos.

It makes mistakes almost constantly, because it has absolutely no regard for the past, or for wisdom.

But if there’s one thing that is pretty cool about it, and that will not change, it’s the American commitment to global freedom.

Americans will always get fired up over freedom, and want to go flying in like Superman to save the day, when some nation steps on some other nation.

You can be cynical about the exact circumstances in which America intervenes, and the manner in which it performs, but the fact of the matter is, the American people are into freedom, and will always be willing to fight for freedom around the world.

That sounds hokey, but I believe it 100%.  As much as I can’t stand Americans in general, and as much as the American polity has changed in my lifetime, I solidly believe that much will remain constant.

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