all or nothing

Culture is a system; a very, very complicated system.

To the extent that any individual or shared-interest group can manipulate culture, it can do so only in a very crude fashion.

Tweaking culture without unintended consequences… is likely impossible.  This is because humans are so profoundly terrible at understanding their own behavior, regulation, and capacities.

They are bad at it for both direct and indirect reasons.  Directly, because it’s hard to understand, and indirectly, because there are political consequences for investigating and sharing that sort of knowledge.

So, when we deal with a culture, we can effectively either embrace it entirely, or reject it entirely.

Culture is not a buffet; every part is connected to every other part.

The parts you like are connected to the parts you don’t like.  They are inseparable.

And, in any case, culture always changes of its own accord, and in a predictable fashion, and at a predictable pace: it drifts, inexorably, in the direction of chaos, at a pace governed by human life span and current technology.

Order is only added as a last resort by humans facing death, deep misery, or hopelessness, and effectively creates new culture.

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