excessive intellect

Reproduction always wins, in the long-run, over non-reproduction, regardless of the unsavory other traits which may be associated with particular bands of fecund individuals.

When your people become too smart and sophisticated for having children, you  die off.

Meanwhile, less sophisticated people are reproducing rapidly.  And there probably will come a time in their future when many of them will be killed off.  But that’s okay, because there will be a lot of smart ones surviving, and their survival prowess will then be evident to their potential mates.

The people who found children too tedious, as a whole, will have been marginalized by then.

I wish nature had better taste, but nature really, really doesn’t care.


I dress strange, and my overall appearance is certainly peculiar.

But it’s not exactly that I don’t care; I would certainly like an aesthetically-pleasing,  confidence-inspiring appearance, that would put the hearts and minds of those around me(during those unfortunate moments I have no choice but to subject them to me) at ease.

Though I’d prefer to simply be invisible.

However, my time is already heavily over-committed with other things either more important to me, or more interesting.  So I dress for maximal functionality and minimal upkeep.

I have to work as a programmer.  It really doesn’t matter what I look like for that, as long as I’m not either an HR or a safety hazard.  That takes a lot of time and focus.

I am also slowly learning Japanese.  That takes a huge amount of time, and I enjoy it quite a bit more than trying to maintain a wardrobe.

I am also maintaining and adding various computer-related skills that are not even in the same category as what I program for work, so that takes additional time and attention.

So I am a little embarrassing to myself.  But once I’ve crossed over into “extremely embarrassed”, I dissociate and feel no anxiety whatsoever, so it’s actually more comfortable to be really weird than a little weird.

So, I go for it.

Apologies, in advance…

The Nintendo Generation

The mid-1970’s have proven to be quite an interesting moment to be born.

I grew up with books and computers, but without Internet, and certainly without mobile.  Yet I landed in college precisely as the commercial Internet was being born.

I think my generation, being quite narrowly defined within perhaps 3 to 4 years of my birth(due to rapid technological change), has, in recent years, often wondered where it belongs.

Being highly technically competent in computer and Internet technology, steeped in the fantasy worlds written in long novels, but lacking the connection with either the preceding non-digital culture, or the following Internet or mobile cultures.

Particularly the nerds among us are truly, as proclaimed by one of the drill sergeants who greeted my flight in 1994, “The Nintendo Generation.”  (In reference to the first generation NES).

Probably the most isolated generation in the history of globalized humanity, and probably the most isolated that will ever be.

the future

It’s really deeply unclear to me how the model we’ve been living in since the industrial revolution will work now.

If I were to recommend a strategy for the nations of the world, it would be to continue to preserve international strength, but to de-tune the domestic economy in ways that make the entire course of life more human.

While humans are remarkably adaptable, I think adapting to a world where nothing needs to be done is a bit of a stretch.

I would heavily pursue de-centralization of all matter of production to keep people involved and busy.  It seems this is somewhat the case already, as YouTube follower count seems to be emerging as a fundamental social status symbol.

Perhaps the cultures that will thrive in this century, are ones that understand how to mitigate the corrosive impact of Internet culture, and how to impose an alternative rule-set, to keep people functional, and buy us time to evolve our cultures and ourselves, to handle this new reality.

please let the devs in

H1-B system is all rogered up.  Silicon Valley is imploding.

Local companies are trying crazy things, like offices in the mid-west.

Because they can’t outspend Google on hiring, and leased office space here is so expensive, we’re sitting on each other’s laps.

In a way though, that’s how America works.  That’s how America stays in business: by mindlessly creating disaster after disaster, we continuously generate economic activity.  We have enough space to write off entire cities due to planning mistakes, and everyone who can move, just goes somewhere else.

The poor people stay until the place becomes enough of a gang-infested hell-hole that it becomes trendy to move back in.  Then they have to move somewhere else, because they can’t afford the rent any more.

But… seriously though, please let the people in that want to program.

This just in…

Given up on humanity.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Still, I love the Japanese. They’re okay in my book. I give them all my money, because they make the best things, and can still think, and dream, and cooperate with each other, and work hard.

I am so very stressed out.


My favorite game lately is “Spintires: Mudrunner.”

No time limits, no competitors.  Just a bunch of really cool trucks, mostly Russian military tractors, with the goal of moving logs from somewhere to somewhere else.

It’s the first time I’ve played a game where the physics engine really made the game.  It helps that it’s almost always overcast in the game world, often dark, deep in muddy forests.  I don’t like direct sunlight, even in games.

My anime is 100% escapist.

I have a lot of worries, lately.  I really like open space.  This place has been slowly driving me insane.  I pace a lot in my apartment.  I have felt trapped since I got here, with frustrated, and angry humanity impinging upon me from all directions.

In order to take a vacation to try to relieve some stress, I booked air travel, before I heard about the government shutdown.  So now even my vacation plans are just more stress.  Will ATC still be alive then?  How much pizza can Canada spare?

I’ve fought myself constantly to keep me here.  I’m not a city girl.  In fact, I’m only slightly non-feral.

Leaving would bring an end to one kind of stress, and the resumption of another.  But that’s how it goes.  It just depends on what kind of stress you prefer.